Anti-Social Media

Ade Cox
2 min readOct 18, 2019

Any random act of kindness is immediately voided the second you decide to video the act and then post it on social media.

Dogs are dogs, cats are cats.

Doggos do not exist, neither do Cattos.

And don’t get me started on “fur babies”.

“I’m Literally dying here!” :D….. You “Literally” have no idea what “Literally” means do you?

Posting a picture of a poppy on remembrance day may be cheaper than buying an actual poppy, but it won’t benefit the charity at all.

Halloween is one day, it is NOT a season.

“It’s national cousins day!” posts never have a date on them, I'm guessing the day YOU post it, it’s not actually national cousins day.

National cousins day (according to google) next falls on July 24th 2020, for those who REALLY need to post about it.

Before reposting that story about “Gary from Bolton” who beat up his own baby before actually doing any research, just think how easy it is to post a picture of ANY innocent person on social media, slander them and get a world full of strangers to crucify them.

Christmas posts before December? Really?

“I bet I won’t even get one share” posts… If that sad-looking dog actually requested his picture be taken, then actually photoshopped the image to include the phrase “I bet I won’t even get one share” then maybe he does deserve to get his picture shared… However, let's be honest… That dog doesn’t even recall having his photo taken.

How does getting a picture shared actually validate anything?

Also… Videos of dogs with “Hilarious” subtitles…. Dogs can’t talk. Get over it.



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