Bangkok: Blue

Ade Cox
5 min readDec 12, 2018


Ade & Jos Adventure Continues: Blue

Tuesday… Jo is back at work today after the bank holiday, the streets are full of life here in Bangkok, traffic is insane.. People are rushing around.. Street vendors are selling food everywhere… A normal Tuesday morning in Bangkok.

Jo gets her iced coffee from the nice little coffee shop and walks toward her work place..I walk back to the apartment, dodging death as I go.. Scooter taxi riders are all over the place today… I’ve still no idea how people manage to get a ride on those things without falling off…

I get back to the apartment and type up my blog, i’ve moved my lap top into the guest bedroom and set up a little work station, the battery on this laptop is pretty much dead so I have to keep it plugged in.. I have a few sockets not being used in the guest bedroom so.. there you go… Until we have guests arrive I have a little office… yay me.

I finish typing up the blog while listening to Public Enemy on the sound system.. I’ve not started playing Christmas songs yet… I will happen… Trust me.

I put a load of washing in the machine, do some washing up and tidy the apartment before heading out for my mini adventure… Today I am on a quest to find some more Christmas lights for the tree and a shower head for the guest bathroom…

There’s a tuk tuk service that runs from our apartment to a shopping centre right next to the BTS station, i’m unsure of the times of the service and I fancy a walk so I take the healthy option and walk to the BTS…It’s about a ten minute walk down Sukhumvit 24, it’s not too hot today and I enjoy the walk.. Walking past various massage places and beauty treatment centres… The road is quite busy, I have to step into the road a few times as food vendors and taxi scooters block the footpaths… I get to the BTS and decide to head back to The Big C near Central World in order to find the Christmas lights…. There is a Big C near our apartment, a few weeks back thy were selling Christmas lights and we found a set that was a really soft almost lilac colour.. But they only had one set (anyone that knows me knows my Christmas tree has to have lots of lights) We went to another Big C yesterday but didn’t look for lights, so i’m going back today to see if they have any of the elusive lilac lights…. Yesterday we caught the BTS to Chit Lom and walked quite a distance to Central World.. Today I decide that Jo got it wrong yesterday and in fact we should have gotten the BTS to Siam which (using my calculation) is closer…. So, I get off the BTS at Siam.. And realise Jo was right about getting off at Chit Lom… I’m nowhere near Central World, I am in fact now standing outside the MBK mall.. So, I decide to search for lights at MBK instead…. I really like MBK, it’s busy, it’s loud… It’s mad… Today i’m not loving it as much.. There are less shoppers here so the stall holders are going out of there way to get some custom… You can’t walk past a stall without someone trying to get you to look at their stall… Mate, i’m currently holding my mobile phone, therefore why would I want to come to YOUR stall and buy one?.. I wander round the floors at MBK for a while, every time I see a stall that may have the lights I want I get annoyed at the hard sell of the stall holder… I leave MBK empty handed. I walk up to the BTS station.. Then realise it’s the wrong one… SO walk to another BTS station… I find my platform and head back to Chit Lom and Central world… Chit Lom is packed with people… I avoid Central World and go directly to The Big C…. I find the Christmas section and locate the lights…Unlike our Big C the lights aren’t on display, they’re just stacked up in boxes…. Boxes that have descriptions written on them…. In Thai. Thankfully I have an application on my phone that takes pictures of Thai text and translates it to English… I spend an age holding various boxes up, taking pictures and trying to find what colours they are… Sadly my phone is not playing ball and is refusing to translate…. I find different type of light, these lights have pictures of the lights in action… I find the lilac lights! Victory! I put two boxes of lights in my basket and go to find a shower head for the guest bathroom… In record time i’ve paid for my goods and head back to the BTS station to get back home… Climbing the stairs of the station I realise i’m tired… Very tired… My legs feel like lead. I feel like i’ve walked for miles (I probably have) I’m looking forward to getting home and trying out the lights… I get off the train at Phrom Phong and walk back up Sukhumvit 24, I stop by a 7Eleven to get a drink.. Pear soda today.. Delicious! I get back to the apartment a tired, sweaty mess…. I finish off the soda and excitedly plug the lights in to see what they look like… Awaiting the joy of that soft lilac glow…. Which turns out to be bright blue. Bugger. Oh yeah.. The soft lilac ones I bought previously are (after checking) bright red. Double bugger. Turns out i’ll be having an American cop car themed Christmas tree this year.

Lights tested, shower head fitted I sit back in the guest room and for the first time in ages end up mixing a few tracks together using my DJ software.. It’s been an absolute age since i’ve done any mixing.. didn’t realise how much i’ve missed it.

I met Jo from work at 4:30.. We walked back home and Jo decided to go to the gym.. I’m sitting playing Playstaion as a lightning storm lights up the sky in the distance… Storms here are so beautiful.. exciting and beautiful.. … After the gym she cooked curry.. Being careful to use as much spice this time.. However, the curry was still hotter than Godzillas atomic breath.. Delicious but deadly.

Jo has a head ache.. she’s had it all day but it seems to be getting worse… She takes some pills and decides to go to bed….. I hope she feels better tomorrow..

Night night.



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