Bangkok day 13

Ade Cox
4 min readNov 19, 2018

Ade & Jos adventure day 13 : Ouch.

Today has been a struggle.

I’ve had warning signs from my back for a few days but chose (stupidly) to ignore them…. Random shooting pains down my right side… My leg not always doing what I wanted it too… Little twinges when getting up out of a chair… The usual routine.

Today I tried to get out of bed. First attempt resulted in failure. “Sit up” my brain was saying “Not today mate” came the reply… “oh yeah.. here have some pain to go along with my new found sense of rebellion.”

Thanks back.

I ended up rolling over and using my arms to get up.. All with a lovely side order of agony, managed to walk around the apartment a bit, trying to get my body to work, first few minutes I was hunched over like an old man, eventually my back eased enough to let me walk normally.. Toast for breakfast then down to the gym in an effort to work my body into some form of usefulness, nothing too strenuous, just some light hill walking on the treadmill for twenty minutes followed by a bit of weight work with Jo… The walk was fine, i’ve never had the most graceful of walks but today I was walking like i’d been bitten by a dog… However, I WAS walking (up yours Back!).. Then a bit of bench pressing with Jo, followed by a planned soak in the jacuzzi (see back? Even tho we are currently not best friends I do still treat you nicely).. This plan came to an abrupt end when I found the jacuzzi wasn’t as hot as last time.. In fact it was cold.. By now Jo was in the pool, and after she told me the pool was actually not too cold I bit the bullet and went for a swim.

Now… Body confidence is something I have NEVER had.. EVER. So every time I use a pool (which is not very often) it takes a lot for me to actually get in the pool. As in I hate it. With a passion. However, once i’m actually in the water i’m ok.. In fact i’d go as far as saying I quite enjoyed it… So after a while in the pool I get out and lay on the sun lounger, enjoying the warmth of the day as Jo drinks and ice coffee and we talk about things such as Christmas, unwarranted happy endings at massage parlours and us not drinking on a weekday.. Y’know, the important stuff.

After a while in the sun Jo gets up to get changed.. I follow her.. Or try too… “Not today matey!” Shit. Back’s gone all rebellious again. So…. In a move that could never be described as graceful, I sort of roll off the sun lounger and fighting through the pain get myself into an “almost” upright position…. I hobble into the changing rooms and dry off properly (now standing).. Then I have to get dressed…. Ever tried putting boxer shorts and socks on when your back is not playing along? It is no fun at all….. Eventually I’m dressed and we head up back to our room…. Playstation time for Jo… Laying still on the sofa for me… Yay.

Jo says she’s going to the Spa. I heard this as Spar and wondered where she’s managed to find a Spar this far from home. All became clear soon after….. Turns out Spar don’t do massages.

Jo thinks I should go too.. Not for me thanks.

So i’m left alone in the room as she’s off being pampered (pretty sure she’s not ordered a happy ending)… I try to carry on playing her Playstation game but manage to make a right mess of things. Today has not been my day.

Jo returns and we head off for dinner… My back has eased a bit by now, but every time I sit down I know i’m going to struggle standing again… Yes back, you ARE currently the boss.

The concierge at the hotel “Pui” (I think that’s how it’s spelt) suggested a place where he and his friends go for food a few days back, a place called Ruen Mallika Royal Thai Cuisine… Absolutely beautiful place, we out outside at the rear of the restaurant, trees, plants and a water feature decorated the place, Thai music played in the background and the waitresses all wore traditional Thai dress…. And the food was amazing! Spicy, but amazing… We had a sharing platter to start, with Chicken wrapped in leaves, Chicken satay with peanut sauce, fish cake (not for me thanks), hot and spicy pork.. Absolutely delicious… For mains Jo ordered Chicken in young corn and I ordered soft ribs in Singapore style gravy… Both meals arrived and we shared them.. The chicken was hot and spicy with young peppercorns… Very spicy but really tasty, the ribs were delicious too in a rich, slightly spicy gravy.. The meat simply fell off the bone.. Amazing… For desert we had coconut icecream.. Which was actually more of a coconut sorbet with pieces of actual coconut in it.. Again, delicious…

The food was amazing, however, Ruen Mallika isn’t the cheapest place to eat… We will be going back again tho!

So, food eaten, drinks drunk, bill paid… We stand to leave…. “Not tonight Ade!” double shit! I’m in a restaurant and hunched over like the evil old lady in Snow white (minus the apple).. Fighting through the pain again, by now i’m getting pretty fed up of it, I stand and we leave the restaurant… Salvation! On the way home we find a chemist…

Tablets purchased,we return to our hotel…

Tablets.. Bed… Sleep.. Night night.

ps back.. Can we be friends tomorrow? Please?



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