Bangkok day 14

Ade Cox
4 min readNov 20, 2018

Ade & Jos adventure day 14: Hoover

Woke at the same time as Jo this morning, I lay quietly in bed for a few moments before attempting to move…. Luckily today, my back seems to be better today, not perfect…But better.

After breakfast I walked with Jo to work, she usually gets a taxi but today she wanted to walk, a nice warm morning, I was amazed at how many street food vendors are out and about peddling their wares at that time in the morning… Grilled fish for breakfast? Seems to be a thing here in this land of confusion known as Bangkok.

Left Jo at work and began my walk back, I decided to visit our apartment instead of coming straight back to the hotel, we were given an inventory list which we had to check through, this list also includes items within the apartment that have marks/wear and tear etc.. I noticed a few things that weren’t on the list so I spent a short time walking round the apartment making notes of anything I noticed…. I do love that apartment, I love the space, I love the view.. I’m looking forward to us being able to move in properly.

I got back to the hotel, put a load of washing i, loaded the dishwasher and generally tidied up… No Playstation today (I learned my lesson yesterday when I ruined Jo’s game) so today (being as Jo found a way for us to watch our normal TV channels over here) I caught up on the Supergirl TV show on Sky… Or that was the plan.

I’m behind on three episodes… Two episodes in and all is going to plan… The third episode begins and the maid/cleaner turns up.

Not our usual cleaner today, our usual cleaner is lovely.. She’s maybe late thirties, always smiling.. And seems to find it funny the way I try to make myself smaller when she’s hoovering the apartment around me…. Todays cleaner was not that cleaner… She turned up early, which doesn’t bother me… Her love for the hoover DID bother me. When our usual cleaner (here after called My mate) cleans the room she does this thing where if i’m watching the TV she’ll try to duck under the screen (she’ll fail but she’ll try).. She’ll do her best to get stuff done without causing any disruption.. And as she leaves she’ll bow (as all Thais do) and ask if there is anything else I need… This imposter cleaner walks in and switches on the hoover… She doesn’t actually hoover at this point, she just switches the hoover on… She then starts emptying the bin… Noisily….. Then she’s tidying the desk that the TV is on.. Blocking my view.. All the time with the hoover sat in the corner just making noise… Eventually she hoovers… Then she switches the hoover off… I breath a sigh of relief… She then pushes the hoover into the hallway, leaves my door wide open and spends a few minutes hoovering something outside my door… Eventually she finishes her assault on my day.. No bow.. No asking if I need anything.. She just attacks my day then leaves.

She had not been gone from my room more than two minutes when the door bell rang.. It was the air conditioning engineer who just turned up to do some maintanance on the air conditioning… Or to be more accurate.. Climb a step ladder, take the cover off, put his head inside, call his mate on a mobile phone, put cover back on, climb down ladder, bow, bugger off.

I waited a few minutes before watching the rest of Supergirl… Amazingly I had no interruptions.. Yay.

Weather is weird here… Today I looked out my window over a hazy city… A few minutes later I looked out my window and couldn’t see a bloody thing due to the rain…. The rain passes and the streets look flooded, a short time later the water is gone and Bangkok returns to normality… It’s a merry go round of weather here… Carry your sun block cream and an umbrella.

I met Jo from work as normal, she’s chatting away to a friend from her old workplace on the phone as we walk, Jo seems happy which is good…

Jo has a web meeting with work later on so we decide on getting some food delivered… A quick look through a website called “Foodpanda” Thailand’s version of Uber eats or big foodie and we find a place called “Fowlmouth” (great name) a fried chicken place with varying degrees of heat on it’s coatings.. Ranging from (I kid you not) Buttermilk, mild, medium, hot, extra hot, DEATH.

Yes. DEATH. we ordered mild… Chickens!

The food arrived and actually was really nice… We watched an episode or two of the apprentice (totally caught up now) thanks to a nifty little site that changes your internet location to allow us to watch British TV (We still pay our license fee so why shouldn’t we?) Then Jo had her web meeting…. Lots of words being said that meant absolutely nothing to me… Jo on the other hand seems to know what she’s talking about… Meeting ends and Jo decides to go for a night time swim.. It’s still nice and warm at night and the pool area is lovely, So Jo is swimming and i’m relaxing on a sun lounger.. Minus the sun… I’m on a moon lounger? Anyway, in the distance I can see an electrical storm.. Lightening streaking across the sky.. I tried taking some photos on my phone but just managed to get lots of pictures of an empty sky….. The live show was however, beautiful.

Swim finished.. Lightning show ongoing we went back to the room to watch a bit more TV then go to bed…

No alcohol at all today.. Yay us!

Night night.



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