Bangkok day 16

Ade Cox
5 min readNov 22, 2018

Ade & Jos adventure day 16 : Orange eating squirrels

Woke up with Jo as usual… Jo is in the shower while I watch my Korean soap opera… She’s confused as to why I watch it…. To be honest so am I… But watch it i do!

When Jo was showered we went down for breakfast, breakfast has become a bit of a chore.. Just something we do or have to do…. Some interesting people watching today tho… There’s some type of company convention here this week, i’d heard some sort of thing going on in the meeting rooms last night where the room erupted into a massive round of applause, only for it to erupt again less than a minute later.. Leaving me to think there’s no way something that awesome could have happened so soon after an initial bout of awesomeness…. Sometimes I think I think to much.. See? Too many thinks.. Way too much thinking.

Anyway, the breakfast room was full of people (i’m guessing) from this company convention thing, there’s one bloke who’s aggresively Shaking the hands of the men, but he’s being overly hand son with some of the women… I’m classing him as a grade A idiot.. But then I see how he acts around the waiting staff… I’ve never seen a man go from over confident idiot to timid little boy in such a short space of time.. It was weird.. Does this bloke spend his entire life hiding behind a mask of machismo? Who knows…. I’ll more than likely never know.

After breakfast I walked Jo to work, it’s a nice warm day and a pleasant walk… Walking back i’m making plans to go up to one of the malls and have a look at adding to my toy collection, A quick ride on the BTS (Bangkok train system) up to Siam and then a nice walk around the mall.. Get back in time to meet Jo from work… Sorted!

Well that was the plan…. I’d just gotten my wallet and phone sorted ready to go out when I had a message from Jo… The water company were going to be delivering our water to the apartment today and I had to be there to meet the water company.

Drinking tap water in Bangkok is a complete no no… Bottled water is the only real option, so when we were arranging to move here we had to sort out a water supply, we had various options and the one we chose costs a nominal amount and should give us a decent supply of water… So, I was told the water company would deliver between 12 and 1pm… There was no point in going to the mall only to rush back so I chose to spend the day at the new apartment, I love the new apartment, it’s a really relaxing place and it’s just a nice place to sit and do nothing in particular…Well except chase up my claim for an income tax refund.. Turns out they’ve sent me a letter… Could be good me thinks…. Anyway 12 o’clock comes around and no water…. 1 o’clock comes round… No water….. twenty past one and the water man appears… With three 19 litre water bottles .. And vouchers for about 24 more….. Now, between two of us i’m guessing that there’s probably more than enough drinking water for us…. The water man gives me the water pump, tells me it’ll need charging then he leaves. It took me about half an hour of fighting with a water bottle before I finally got the water pump fitted.. Then I was stuck with where to actually put the bloody thing… It’s too big to put on the kitchen side… It looks awful if I just leave it on the floor… So, as of now the three bottles are living in the guest bedroom shower.. Out of sight for now.

I met Jo from work and we ended up going to a bar for a drink, a pint for me and two gins for Jo…. Ended up watching a squirrel eating a slice of orange… Beer and orange eating squirrels are indeed the future.

From the bar we went back to the hotel… More gin for Jo.. another beer for me… Up to the room or a quick change of clothes.. Before going out for dinner… Via a roof top bar!

Now, here’s something about me… I’m scared of heights. So me on a roof top bar is something I knew i’d struggle with… And struggle I did… I spent most of the time gripped onto the arm of Jo’s chair, with an irrational fear of either falling off even tho in order to “fall off” i’d have to climb up on a table, scramble over a thick glass safety barrier before..erm.. falling?…Yes, I know i’m safe but irrational fears do have a habit of being somewhat irrational.. So yeah there’s me…. scared…The view however, was stunning .. Would I go back? Maybe. I’d still be scared but that view really was something special.

From the roof top bar we walked further into Bangkok on the search for food… Ended up in some odd little alley full of Chinese restaurants and Thai massage parlours… Judging by the girls sat outside i’m guessing they were of the more “exotic” variety of massage parlours….

No food here then… We eventually ended up at an Indian restaurant up near the rock bar we discovered on Saturday, Jo ordered lamb rogan josh and I had chicken tikka masalla…. Absolutely delicious.. Possibly the best Indian food i’ve ever eaten… Brilliant. However, there is an issue… Again it’s an issue with food in Thailand that’s bothered me since day one and will probably bother me till the day I leave… If you order say, two curries, to naan breads and a bowl of rice…. All the food will arrive except for one item (this time it was the rice) the rice turned up just before we’d finished the curries.. Previous meals have been blighted by one meal turning up then the second turning up when the first meal is half eaten…. Timing just doesn’t seem to be the Thais priority. Maybe it’s just the Thai way… It’ll get there when it gets there…eventually.

After we’d eaten we walked up to the mall to hop on the hotel tuk tuk to get back to our hotel… In the hotel bar we end the night with an iced coffee for Jo and a vanilla milkshake for me… Midweek nights out are something different for us, I doubt it’ll become a regular thing, but i’ve really enjoyed tonight.. And I think Jo needed tonight to unwind….

Back in our room a quick call to my mom and I think we’re ready for bed…

Night night.



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