Bangkok day 18

Ade Cox
5 min readNov 24, 2018

Ade & Jos adventure day 18: Howdy

It’s Friday! One more day at work for Jo before we can enjoy the weekend…

That’s if my old friend “back” doesn’t ruin things…. “Back” is not playing fair today.. Back on the pain killers for me.

A late start for Jo today as we have to go to the bank to sort out our Thai bank account, we couldn’t sort out the account until Jo got her work permit, so we’ve been on hold financially until today. We met Salisa (our liaison) at Jos work and walked a distance down to the bank, again as every morning the streets of Bangkok are a bustling hive of activity and at 9am the temperature is already soaring, we get to the bank and after an hour we walk out with a joint bank account… The first joint bank account me and Jo ever had together…. Totally adulting!

Jo went off to work and I headed off back to the hotel, i’d barely been in the room ten minutes when the cleaner turned up… “you’re early” I said.. She just said something in Thai while laughing, before coming in and tidying the room.. Having the room tidied is something i’ll have to get used to doing myself when we move into our own apartment.

I met Jo for lunch at 12… we found a nice pizza place, a medium pizza, a pasta dish and a side of chicken wings for just under £10…. Not a bad price and tasted good too.

Jo went back to work and I went back to the hotel, ended up watching Supergirl while laying on the sofa (watching the TV show.. Not actually watching the DC comics character Supergirl laying on a sofa )After which (knowing i’d not get disturbed by the cleaner) I decided to watch Justice league (again).. Still laying on the sofa…… So… I ended up falling asleep and waking up half way through the film.. So, watched the end of the film and got myself sorted to go and meet Jo from work.

I leave the apartment and step out into the corridor… The hotel is piping music through it’s sound system…. It’s a gentle little dance tune which sounds an awful lot like Lou Reeds “walk on the wild side” so I get in the lift mumbling “Can I kick it? Yes you can” By A tribe called quest (for those not in the know, Quest sampled the Reed track on that absolute Rap classic).. I exit the lift (no longer ruining the quest song) and step into the foyer of the hotel… There’s a few people sitting on the chairs in the foyer… On one chair is an attractive asian looking woman (nothing odd there you may think) but she has a friend holding a mobile phone, walking around her in a circle filming her friend just sitting there… Odd.

I walk past “Circle filming girl” and walk out of the hotel onto the street… So, i’m walking up the street… Behind a woman walking really slowly because she’s filming her walk on her mobile phone… Walking past her was a total pain because the paths here are so narrow and the motorbikes and taxis make walking in the road a dance with death.. So i’m walking slowly up the road following little miss “damn my walk is so important the world needs to see it”.. Eventually she turns off down a side road… Hurrah, i’m free to walk at my usual (semi marching) pace….I cross the road where I usually do and hit the road block that is known as Jessica.

There’s a couple walking in front of me, he’s holding a mobile phone… She’s walking in front… But she keeps stopping and turning round as he films her, they walk a little bit further and she does it again…. and again… At one point he even tells her in a drawling American accent “that one wasn’t right.. Do it again” I’m like how can you do turning round wrong? God I hate mobile phones. I’m still walking behind the couple, still getting more and more annoyed… Then I see walking down the road on our side of the road, but walking toward us a big bloke… He’s a massive bloke, wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt, a baseball cap and a salmon pink jacket (it was the jacket that made him stand out) he had grey hair but his goatee was jet black… I swear he’d painted it on… He looked like a porn director.

Now, turning round couple (which by now i’d named them) seemed to recognise the porn director… He shouts “Howdy!” at them… Then Mr “turning round couple” greets him… “Kyle? Right? “.. So Mr Porn is called Kyle… And And obviously the turn around couple were supposed to meet Kyle here but didn’t actually know him… Perhaps the salmon pink jacket was some kind of “you’ll recognise me…I’ll be the dude dressed like a porn director” type of thing……. I’m still behind them at this point because the three of them are blocking the path… Mr turn around says something to Kyle.. At which point Miss turnaround greets Karl with “Hiyaaaaaaaaa” (the extending of the words are no exaggeration) “Kyeeeeeeeeeel… Nice to meet youuuuuuuuuuuuuu…… I’m Jessicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

I eventually maneuvered my way past this annoying threesome, thoice in my head screaming “FUCK YOU JESSICA!”… Before plotting the demise of mobile phones.

I have a mobile phone, I take photos with my phone at times… Sometimes (rarely) I video something… But i’ll never get used to this part of modern life where people just have to film EVERYTHING.. Or turn every little thing we do into an Instagram moment.. Whatever happened to just doing something and remembering it without bringing a mobile phone into things?

If you go to a restaurant.. Be it an expensive place or a McDonalds.. Look around at the people on the tables… You’ll see couples there not speaking to eachother.. Just staring like zombies at their mobile phones… It’s ironic that a device created to aid communication is actually stopping us as humans from actually communicating.

I finally meet Jo from work and after a walk back to the hotel we decide to head out to the cinema to watch the new Robin Hood film… We chose the SF cinema at the Emporio Mall, it’s a little more expensive that other cinemas but with our mission to try different cinemas (and being as this one is the closest one to where we live) we chose the Emperio cinema….

One word… Luxury. Huge leather reclining seats, each seat has an blanket…. Amazing sound and picture quality… SF at Emporio is going to take some beating… And the film was actually really enjoyable too…. Except for the Thai girl who was sat next to Jo, who (because i’m guessing she didn’t actually need sound due to the subtitles) spent most of the talking to her boyfriend.

After the film we had a quick look around the Emporio shops, before getting the tuk tuk back to the hotel… Watching a little bit of TV before going to bed…

Bring on the weekend!

Night Night.



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