Bangkok day 20

Ade Cox
4 min readNov 26, 2018

Ade & Jos Adventure day 20 : Food for thought

Well it had to happen. Today is indeed THAT day.

Pretty much nothing to write about.

I think we’re still recovering from Saturdays adventures, a day of walking, public transport, shopping followed by a night of drunken fun… Yeah, today we are in recovery mode.

We had a lay in, a much needed one I think, I got up and typed up the day 19 blog as Jo got showered and woke herself up a bit, no real plans for the day except lounge by the pool and drink non alcoholic drinks… As plans go, it was a pretty good one. So off to the pool we went.

The pool is on level three of the hotel, the pool and jacuzzi are outside, where inside there is a bar, a pool table and sofas to sit on… I headed straight for the jacuzzi, again it wasn’t as hot as i’d like but the cool water and water jets did help in waking me up a bit more… No swim for Jo today, she went straight for the sun lounger and ordered an ice coffee, it’s not as hot here today.. It’s warm but not hot.. pretty much perfect for a lazy day by the pool… There’s a Japanese guy teaching his kids to swim and a European lady swimming back and forth.. It’s very peaceful, exactly what we needed… Jo fell asleep after her ice coffee, I lay there relaxing for a while before I too fell asleep (I know I fell asleep because I woke myself up by snoring).. After a couple of hours we decided we had to do SOMETHING.. There’s a few things we still need for the new apartment so we decided to head up to the shops, we headed up to the room to find that even tho we’d put the “do not disturb” sign on the door our cleaner was in our room and about to start cleaning.. Being as we’d left the room in a bit of a state last night and the fact that we’re British we did the very British thing of rushing to beat our maid to each room as we tidied up our drunken mess ahead of her cleaning… Pretty sure the maid thinks we’re mad.

We walked up to the shops with the plan being to get a taxi back with our shopping, “The Big C” is our supermarket of choice… Tesco is good here, but Big C is better.. It’s cheaper and they sell pretty much everything… Items on our list apart from grocery… A dryer, an iron and an ironing board…. A nice walk around the shop and we get everything we came for.. Plus we found chocolate hobnobs.. Which as any true biscuit lover knows is the king of biscuits.

We walk back from the shops as we just couldn’t seem to attract the attention of a taxi… So handfulls of shopping and an ironing board under my arm off we went.

we dropped some items off at the new apartment on the way, we found an invite to the complex Christmas party under our door… Not sure if we’re going yet tho.

Dinner at the hotel cooked by Jo, huge pork chops and noodles… Nice and spicy, a chat with Jo over dinner raised a few questions for me… If “this” came to an end (our adventure in Bangkok) what would I do? How would going back to England and going back to my old job make me feel? Could I retrain for something else? If so.. What? Jo said something about finding something I “love” to do…. This is where I hit a brick wall… Apart from family, what do I actually love? Did I love being a steel worker? No. Did I love being a DJ? No (it had it’s moments but they were few and far between) I used to love working with the kids in scouting… I did truly love that… But various things around scouting and within scouting gradually broke down that love.. Eventually turning it into a chore… Until eventually I just had to walk away… So yeah, what would I “love” to do….. Some food for thought there me thinks.

After dinner we watched “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” on TV while snuggled up on the sofa… A little bit of normality for us, Or as normal as we can get here.. After the film a little bit more TV before trawling through a tonne of receipts in an effort to sort out our expenses (while we’re here at hotel all food and drink except booze is covered by the company Jo works for) and then off to bed….

Night Night.



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