Bangkok day 21

Ade Cox
5 min readNov 28, 2018

Ade & Jos adventure day 21: How much is that doggy in the window?

I’m losing track of days… I spent part of this morning thinking it was Thursday… Apparently it’s not.

Woke up early for breakfast, things were a bit manic down in the bistro this morning, waiting staff running all over the place, clearing tables and resetting them, it seems as tho everyone has come down for breakfast at the same time… Not a relaxing atmosphere this morning.

Breakfast finished and me and Jo are back in the room, she’s getting ready for work and i’m getting ready to take more clothes over to the new apartment, ready for our move on Friday, I walk with Jo to her work, the streets are busy as always, but there does seem to have been a temperature drop… It’s still warm but it’s not as hot as it has been…. Traffic however has no change.. it’s mad all the time.

Jo stops by a little coffee shop every morning to get an iced coffee, she’s been in so many times now the little lady that runs the place is getting to know her… Jo is a regular!

I walk back to the hotel, dodging death as I go, I type up the blog and get myself ready to take some clothes over to the new apartment…. Again it’s a struggle crossing the road with suitcases, but I manage it… Then into the apartment block, in the lift and up to our apartment.

A while later i’ve finished putting Jos clothes (well, this batch) up on hangers and in the walk in wardrobe, i’ve separated sports wear, casual wear, night wear, blouses, trousers, skirts etc.. It’s looking nice and organised…. Ready for Jo to come along and make it a chaotic mess again.

My clothes are easier… All I have is jeans and T-shirts, so putting my stuff away is much easier.. I will need to buy coat hangers tho for my stupidly large collection of band t-shirts….

I leave the apartment and go to meet Jo for lunch, it’s a little warmer now and the streets are still as manic, I cross the bridge to get to Jos work and footless the beggar is sitting there again, he’s quieter today, just silently sitting there with his bowl.. I’m still a bit pissed at him over yesterdays behaviour so I give him a wide berth… I meet Jo and she decides she want to go to the bank to find out who has been putting money into our account, we both know who it is and why it is.. But she just wants clarification… Our bank is a short walk away from Jos office.. Sadly, non of the staff speak any English and we are reduced to typing stuff into Google translate and getting them to read it, we find out where the money came from (it is from where we said) and are told that even tho the banking application on our phones is a bit limited, the banking website is much better… We leave the bank and go for lunch, Chicken fried rice for both of us.. Lovely. I leave Jo and head back to the hotel, I stop by the apartment and pick up a couple of empty suit cases ready to fill with the next load of clothes… Back at the hotel I put the Playstation on… Five minutes later the door bell rings and the maid turns up. Shit, its the maid I don’t like. Well, don’t like is a strong term… It’s the maid that makes me feel guilty for being here… It’s the maid that’s noisy just for the sake of being noisy.. She’s not MY maid. I want her back.. How dare she have a day off!

It rains a little during the afternoon, as I go to meet Jo from work I notice how the temperature has raised again and it’s quite humid…. I dodge the death, cross the roads and cross the bridge… Footless is there again… Sadly he’s taken to waving his bowl about and grunting at people again.. Footless, will you ever learn?

I meet Jo and she tells me she wants to open a different bank account, she’s found a bank that deals with foreign accounts.. Plus it’s like a ten minute walk from our apartment, so we decide to go there this evening… Walking back to our hotel we pass a pet shop, we always look in the window because they sometimes have cute puppies in there.. We can’t have a pet in our apartment sadly.. But we always look.. Today there is one dog. He seems older than the usual dogs we see there.. He looks like a large jack russell… Like if a Jack Russell had been on the steroids and hit the gym a bit too hard.. He’s sitting there looking out the window, I’m feeling sorry for him, wondering why he’s ended up here.. Did he have a family once? Does he miss them?.. Jo approached the window and said (as she does to all animals she meets) “Hello mate” at which point his dog went bloody feral! It was going mad.. teeth bared.. snapping at her through it’s cage and window glass…. I’ve seen scared and frightened dogs before… This was NOT fear.. This was rage. How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the murderous rage. I think I know now why he’s here…. No sane person wants him. Maybe I should introduce him to footless?

We get back to the hotel, Jo freshens up and we head out to the bank to sort her new account out… What a difference, the staff speak (broken) English, the account is just as Jo wants it, the app actually works.. And the man/boy that dealt with us couldn’t have been more helpful.. Brilliant.

After the bank we went for something to eat at a Portuguese chicken place… Its not Nandos.. But it was pretty close… Delicious… I’m just hoping to find a Bangkok rip off of Wetherspoons now.

Back to the hotel, Jo is happier now she’s got a usuable bank account, we watch an episode of Doctor Who… Well, Jo watches it… I’ve lost all interest in it. Then we watched a David Attenborough documentary about Chimpanzees…..By the end i’m frighting to stay awake… Bed time me thinks…

Night night



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