Bangkok day 22

Ade Cox
4 min readNov 29, 2018

Ade & Jos adventure day 22: Mai Tai

A definite no news day today… I’ve woken up with a bad back again (i’m now blaming the soft mattress on the bed) and Jo woke up feeling unwell so she emailed her office to tell them she was ill and would be answering emails from home, she’s not been feeling 100% for a few days now, her ankle is covered in horrible looking insect bites and she’s generally feeling a bit under the weather..We went down for breakfast in a much calmer bistro this morning, John the waiter is looking a lot less stressed today and in general there’s a much calmer atmosphere here today, aft. After breakfast we go back up to our room, Jo goes through her email inbox as I type up yesterdays blog, after which we decide to curl up on the sofa and watch a film.. At some point we had a discussion about her ankle bites, Jo is convinced it’s bed bugs, i’ve been telling her it’s not bed bugs as there is no evidence of bed bugs on the bed clothes (I once stayed in a grotty guest house in Oxford which had DEFINITE evidence of bed bugs) and also the picture of bed bug bites Jo is showing me on the internet looks nothing like the bites on her leg.. She argues they do.. I know they don’t. I’m convinced she’s been bitten by something at the pool side after one of her swims… The debate will continue. So after bug bite discussions finally end (for now) we settle down to watch a film.. We decide on “Coco” it’s a Pixar film we’ve not seen before and it seems like a decent choice….. Christ, that film goes dark in a dramatic way doesn’t it? (Jump forward a bit if you’ve not seen it and want to avoid spoilers).. I thought “Up” went dark (and oh so depressing) quickly but bloody hell, the dark twist in “Coco” REALLY goes for it… Bloody good film tho (just realised I didn’t actually reveal any spoilers.. So, if you DID jump forward a bit, please feel free to jump right back).

Unsure what to watch next I opt for an absolute classic.. “Jurassic Park”.. Our Son Kai (I put the our son bit in for anybody reading this that doesn’t actually know me/us.. thoughtful aren’t I?) told us yesterday he wants to visit over Christmas… Nick (our other son) has been invited to spend Christmas with his girlfriends family.. So Kai coming here works out nicely all round… Jo priced up flights yesterday and found some for about £750, so during the film she’s online finalising the tickets ready for Kai’s visit to Bangkok (yes folks flights are about £750 if you shop around and pick your dates right… So if you fancy coming for a visit……Obviously folks that know us.. Not anybody that just happens to be reading this…. No offence tho… I’m not saying you’re possibly a murderer or something like that…. I mean, you could be lovely…. but still… err…..Shall I stop digging this hole now?)

So I’m we’re watching Jurassic park as Jo types away on her computer looking at flights for Kai….. Lucky bugger gets to fly on a Dreamliner….Brilliant!

He will arrive here in Bangkok on Christmas eve and he’ll leave just before New years eve… So Christmas with us and New Years Eve with Nick…. Sorted.

After Jurassic park, and being as Jo was feeling less ill by now we went down to the bar on the 3rd floor so Jo could have a swim before dinner, I had a beer as she swam… Between the hours of 6pm and 7pm on a Wednesday it’s Muay Thai lessons in the bar (Jo persists on pronouncing it MAI TAI.. To which I always respond that’s a cocktail not a martial art).. So Jo reads the sign about Muay Thai lessons and shouts “MAI TAI”…My eyes roll… I correct her.. Again.. Pretty sure she’s doing it to wind me up now… Nobody is actually doing Muay Thai tonight, in fact all that’s in the bar is me, the muay thai bloke, the bar person (I can’t work out if they’re a boy or a girl) and Jo (who is now complaining the water in the pool is cold) Muay Thai man asks if i’ve got plans for the evening (pretty sure he was hoping I was going to say “yes mate, i’d love you to pummel me with punches, elbows and kicks!”) I said no, i’m just relaxing (pretty sure he would have killed me anyway) and continued to drink my beer…By now i’ve decided the bar person is a girl… I’ve also decided i’m letting the sex of this bar person take over far too much of my evening.. Either way She (He?… They?) is a bit inconsistent when it comes to pouring beer….. One pint was fine.. The other had way too much head on it..Still tasted good tho…

Jo finished her swim and we went down to the main bistro for dinner… Jo ordered Massaman curry with beef, I had a chicken masalla… Both were delicious. Massaman has a sweet barbecue type flavour… I think i’ll order massaman myself next time we’re out for dinner.

After dinner we went back to our room to call my Mom on video chat and then watch some TV before bed… Chatted with mom for a while then we watched another David Attenborough documentary, this one was about lions…. Again brilliant, again I may have fallen asleep before the end….

Doing nothing is tiring work..

Night night.



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