Bangkok day 5: Turn it off and on again

Ade Cox
3 min readNov 10, 2018

Not much to say today…… Was awoken at 7am with breakfast in bed.. Toast and tea.. Jo had been awake since 4am and I think she was hinting that maybe I should be awake too, Jo went for her morning swim.. I had a nice relaxing half hour or so in the pool bar catching up on the worlds events.. Aka Who’s Donald Trump upset today.. After that we had breakfast… At 10am Jo was online booking tickets for our first gig in Bangkok! Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators! Awesome.. Can not wait! (lot of exclamation marks there.. I must be excited).. Unfortunately it was about this time that one of Jos migraines kicked in.. By 10:30 she was asleep and I was left to my own devices.. So I started reading “ The teachings of Buddha”… Quite interesting stuff… Before having a look at designing a logo for my sons music production business… It’s a work in progress….The logo not Buddhism…. Buddhism is doing quite well for itself.
Jo woke up at 4:50… And thankfully she was feeling a bit better, we went down to the pool bar for a game of pool (which she absolutely destroyed me at) and a drink (Peach soda for Jo and a Chang beer for me)… Oh yeah.. Beer! So I had a beer… The girl behind the bar gets a glass out of the freezer.. A thing of beauty, a tankard covered in a thin film of ice.. She pours the beer in and places it on the bar… It is at this point that a perfectly normal activity like buying a beer gets turned into a potential disaster by adding me to the mix.. So I grab the tankard by the handle.. Ready to raise the glass to my lips… Now at this point I have to make you all aware that the glass was not actually glass. It was LIGHTWEIGHT poolside safety plastic… But it looked like glass….. Safety plastic glasses weigh a fraction of what a normal glass would weigh… Bright spark here however picked that glass up off the bar thinking it was real glass and due to its light weight almost through the bloody thing over my shoulder.
Almost. Can’t go wasting beer now can I?

Anyway, pool game lost, beer drunk… Jacuzzi discovered! Me and Jo head off to the MBK mall to buy her a pair of trainers….
MBK mall is a huge mall situated in the Siam district of Bangkok… Bangkok has loads of malls… Emperio Mall is VERY high end, as is Siam Paragon.. Terminal 21 is still nice but not so expensive.. MBK is a bit more “me”.. And full of knock off stuff… Bangkok is the counterfeit goods capital of the world.. If you want it.. You and more than likely find a passable copy of it in Bangkok.
We also got new sim cards for our phones at MBK… My phone package at home on the 3network was costing me £34 a month.. With a limit of about 20gig on internet… We just got a tourists sim card with unlimited calls, texts AND internet for 550bht (£12.80) which lasts 30 days…. 30 days at £12.80 on unlimited data… Phone contracts in the UK are a rip off… I did struggle getting mine to connect to the internet at first tho… I had to turn it off and on again (God bless you IT crowd)…
22:30 now as I type this up…. Jo is feeling a bit rough after some migraine medication.. So I think this is it for us tonight… Night night.



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