Bangkok Day 9

Ade Cox
3 min readNov 14, 2018

Ade & Jos adventure day 9 : Always bet on black

Had a bit of a nightmare today….. In fact, today did not get of to the best starts at all…

Jo was always destined to have that one day where she’d be home sick, that one day where she’d miss the boys, that one day where she’d miss her friends from home.. Today was that day. It’s not easy packing your wife off to work when you know she’s holding back tears, it’s not easy saying “have a good day” when you know she’ll be crying as soon as she gets in the lift… Today has been the day i’ve been dreading.

Jo went to work, i’d got no particular plans for today so went on a mission to find something to watch on TV… Stumbled across the Wesley Snipes “Classic” Passenger 57.. “Why did they never make passenger 58” you ask… “Just rewatch passenger 57” I will respond… Bloody hell it’s rubbish… And cliche.. I did however watch it from start to finish.

At some point during the end titles of that cinematic classic I had a random thought regarding my tax at home in England… I’d filled an online form earlier this week and had applied to get some tax money back, however i’d put my UK mobile phone number on the form.. The tax people said they’d contact me either via post or phone if they needed to ask me any questions, and being as I had a new temporary Thai phone number and my old mobile number was no longer in use I thought i’d best update my records…

So I logged on to the tax website… Or tried to.

Invalid User ID or password.

Check ID… Re-enter

Invalid user ID or password

Maybe my password is wrong… Re-enter it letter by letter.

Invalid User ID or password three failed attempts and your account will be suspended for 24 hours.

Shit…. Hit the “I forgot my password” button.

Get a new password.

Enter new password.

Invalid User ID or password.

Re-enter new password.

Invalid User ID or password.

Re-enter password swapping lower case for upper case.

Invalid User ID or password.

Hit the “I forgot my password” button again in an attempt to get it sorted.

End of the day I still have no access to my account… And i’m in Thailand… Calling them will cost me a bloody fortune.. Just hope they contact me via post… Up yours H.M.R.C.

Shut the laptop down, put the TV on and watched Captain America the first avenger…. Damn that’s a good film… And Agent Peggy Carter is one fine looking woman.

I met Jo for lunch, she seems a bit better… Newsflash! McDonalds in Thailand do chicken like KFC and they have plates and Knives and forks!

Left Jo and went back to the hotel, ended up playing WWE on the playstation, the cleaner turned up at 4:00pm to clean the room as usual… Unlike every other time another cleaner turned up at 4:40pm… went into the bedroom with the other cleaner and they had a right old gossip about something.. No idea what it was but they both seemed rather excited by it… Note to self : Learn Thai.

Met Jo from work at 5:00pm…. Managed to evade death on my way again, ended up going to a restaurant in a mall we’d not visted before, had some awesome bbq ribs and beer.. And special mention for the music Early nineties hip hop.. Wu-tang, Del the funky homosapien, Queen Latifa…. Loved it… From the restaurant to the hotel bar for more drinks,walked in to see two blokes in dressing gowns playing pool.. Creepiest game of pool i’ve ever witnessed. Had a nice lightning storm going on which made the nice view even nicer… Had a call from home about one of the cats having a poorly leg, currently waiting from news from the vet….. Had more drinks… Possibly too much? (the amount of words i’m having to go back and correct while typing this would suggest yes).. Now sat in the hotel room with a slightly wooly head… Hope the cat’s ok……………



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