Bangkok: Peanut butter

Ade & Jos Adventure Continues: Peanut butter

Another day here in Bangkok… A no news day if I be honest… But i’ll waffle on as I do…..

Walked Jo to work again today, I enjoy these walks.. I enjoy the life I encounter on the streets I even sort of enjoy the insanity that is he traffic here… The longer i’m here the more I doubt I could ever settle back into the day to day life that awaits me back in England… There are things I miss about England of course… Family, pets, friends… But life here in Bangkok has made me feel alive… I’m excited here… i’m living. I get back to my apartment and type up my blog… I attempt to help a friend of Jos out with a photoshop problem… Try.. Ultimately fail… But I tried… God loves a tryer eh?

I spent a while flicking through the TV channels.. But today was not to be a couch potato day, i’d got a few jobs to do.. Washing needed putting in the machine… Towels needed putting away in the bathroom… Nothing too strenuous…. But as i’m putting the towels away I notice the shower glass needs a clean so I wander back to the cleaning cupboard, grab the glass cleaner and clean the shower… While doing that I decided to give the toilet a clean too… Of course cleaning one toilet makes me go and clean the other two also.. (yeah, three toilets in an apartment where only two of us live.. Spoiled for choice!) So.. Shower cleaned, toilets cleaned… Bugger it.. I’ll hoover the apartment too… So I hoover the apartment… Then notice the dining table needs a wipe.. Bugger it.. I’ll grab the glass cleaner again and give it a proper clean… Spent an age being Mrs Mop… Actually didn’t hate it either… Right, now for some well deserved Playstation time!

I’d planned to leave early to pick Jo up so as I could pop into town and grab an extension lead for the Christmas lights…. Jo messaged me to say she’d be leaving at 4:40.. So wandered into the shops looking for a lead… I seemed to spend ages just wandering round, then realised it was almost 4:40 so left the shop without a lead and went to meet Jo… At 4:55 she wanders out of her office building… I could have had at least another 10 minutes of extension lead hunting! We walk home and Jo goes straight to the bathroom to get herself ready to go out, she’s arranged to meet some women who live here in Bangkok for a drink.. They’ve been chatting on facebook and she seems keen to go out with them.. For gin! Jo goes out.. I end up watching videos on Youtube about Stan Lee… See? Even here i’m a geek, and snacking on stuff in the cupboard… They have these peanut butter biscuits here… Except they’re not exactly biscuits… Imagine Ritz crackers with peanut butter sandwiched between them… Odd but tasty….. At 8 O’clock I get a message to go and pick Jo up… When I get to her she’s drunk…. She says she only had four drinks.. But yeah, she’s drunk. We go to an Italian place for dinner…. A really nice place actually.. Sitting there you could easily forget you’re in Thailand… A bit pricey.. But the food was delicious…. We walk back home and settle down to watch some TV before bed….. I’ve started sniffling.. I hope i’ve not got a cold….. Time for bed..

Night night.



A working-class man from The Black Country, plucked from the factory and now living the best life in Bangkok

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Ade Cox

A working-class man from The Black Country, plucked from the factory and now living the best life in Bangkok