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Ade Cox
7 min readDec 20, 2018

Ade & Jos Adventure Continues : Ribs

So i’m back.. Not that I actually WENT anywhere… Well… I did go somewhere.. I moved to Bangkok…. But as far as blogging goes, I was here.. but I wasn’t.. Now I am.. Confused?

I moved away from blogging every day due to the fact that life was settling into a nice routine… I’d get up, walk Jo to work.. DO normal day to day stuff.. And lets face it, to folks reading this, it just wasn’t entertaining… It was getting stale.. And I refused to fiction in there, what would be the point? This was supposed to be a true account of our lives here… So I moved to this, a weekly(ish) version.. Hopefully i’ll have some fun stuff to type about… Hopefully.

Due to the fact i’ve swapped over to a weekly blog, some days will become a bit blurred.. I won’t be saying Monday I did this, Tuesday I did that blah blah blah… I’m over thinking this aren’t I? Bugger.

SO.. Jo interviewed a cleaner for the apartment. Turns out even tho i’m good at keeping the place tidy.. Cleaning is not my strong point. She seems like a nice lady, she’ll cost us about £100 a month and she’ll come twice a week.. Wednesday and Saturday…This is a world away from our usual life.

Friday night, Me and Jo went to a new market here in Bangkok, the Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market, it was manic, busy, hot.. But amazing… A massive market filled with food stalls, shopping and bars.. Brilliant… Unlike most markets here they weren’t over run with tourists.. There were lots of locals here, we walked around for a while taking in the atmosphere, seeing the sights, looking at the food stalls.. I’d got a bit of a cold building up and didn’t feel too great, so seeing the food was one thing.. The idea of eating was another…. We stopped by a bar for a beer… Three big bottles (over a pint each bottle) of Chang for 260 baht (about £6).. Ice cold and served at our table.. We drank the first two bottles before deciding to open the third to share.. We asked the bloke serving to open the bottle, unexpectedly he took our now not ice cold bottle and swapped it for a brand new ice cold one.. perfect! Loud music played form various bars…. Lots of people walking round, chatting, drinking.. And not too expensive beer… Brilliant. The cold beer helped bring my temperature down enough for me to really enjoy walking round the stalls at the market… We found lots of stalls selling lots of different things.. Clothes.. Watches…. Leather goods… Toys….. So I ended up buying two small Godzilla figures and a Thors Hammer for my collection.. Awesome! My temperature was (to me) remaining low and I felt well enough to eat….. We’d passed a stall selling ribs earlier and found ourselves there again, waiting to be seated we were given a menu and asked to order…. Two changs and a large order of ribs to share…We sat at our table and awaited our food to arrive…. We hadn’t realised a large order of ribs was actually three huge racks of ribs, covered in a hot, spicy BBQ sauce… Honestly the most delicious ribs I have ever eaten.. Truly delicious. After food we made our way back to the train station to head back home… Full of beer, full of ribs… And me sadly full of a cold.

We awoke on Saturday nice and early.. We had an appointment with someone to deal with our cultural education of living here in Thailand… Thankfully my cold seemed a lot better, I was still a bit sniffly but my temperature was no longer soaring… But still, I was not looking forward to this cultural education thing and was regretting us saying we wanted to do it.

So, the man doing our culture course turns up.. A small American man who only drinks room temperature water (to conserve his voice)… And who (despite him coming to MY home to advise us on not offending people) puts his glass of water on my coffee table right NEXT to the coaster and not ON the coaster…. He waffled on for a while but all I could do wa slook at that glass of water.. Willing him to put it on the coaster… Eventually, my jedi mind magic worked and he put the glass on a coaster. Thank God.

The course itself (once i’d gotten over the coaster crime) was actually quite interesting… Both Me and Jo learned some new things and hopefully we’ll be able to go about life here without upsetting people… Like using coasters for instance.

The course finished in the mid afternoon… As the Coaster criminal left our home, possible food poisoning from those delicious ribs kicked in… Not a great way to spend an afternoon.

By evening both me and Jo felt better (stomach wise) my temperature had shot back up again and I was feeling ill… So after a small supper I wrapped up warm (despite it being hot here) and went to sleep in the spare room, in hope of sweating out his bloody cold…..

Sunday I awoke, the cold felt better.. I was still a bit sneezy but inside I felt better……

Me and Jo headed off to the Central world mall to sort out my mobile phone contract and to watch Aquaman…. The mobile phone contract was easier than we expected.. Cheaper than the Uk too (about £20 A month for unlimited data) we also got a subscription to a TV and Movie package included too.. Bonus! We got tickets for the movie and went off to KFC for a bit of lunch… Some Asian couple were having a domestic in KFC…. They’d come in together, their kid was crying loudly and the man of the couple was obviously unimpresssed by it… He made his wife go and get his food.. Which she did.. She came back, plonked his tray in front of him and stormed off with the kid.. Leaving her husband to eat his dinner while looking like a grade A dick.

We finished our food and headed back to the cinema.. We’d booked tickets in 4DX, the movie is 3D, the chairs move and there are wind, weather, smoke and smell effects too.. Should be interesting…. We sat in our seats and waited for the film to start… A family came in, there was some confusion over seating… Three of them sat in one row, but one of them (a young lad) sat next to me on his own…. The trailers and adverts played (one of which being one of the most hard hitting drink drive adverts I have ever seen) and I noticed the lad next to me has started making strange grunting noises.. He’s not being loud.. He’s just grunting…. It’s noticable.. but not disruptive….. The Thai National anthem plays and we all stand up to honour the king (it’s a thing here in Thailand) as we sit back down Jo whispers to me that the lad has tourette’s… She’s noticed him twitching during the anthem… We all enjoyed the film (honestly, Aquaman is so much better than I thought it would be) but occasionally I notice the lad sat next to me… His tourette’s made him grunt throughout the film, it made him throw his 3D glasses off a few times too… A couple of people in the theater kept turning round to stare at him like it was his fault… All he wanted to do was watch the film.. Which in fairness he managed to do in the most part… I was annoyed at his family tho.. Why had they sat him away from them? Why, when it’s obvious he’d got a condition did people feel the need to turn and stare at him? Why are people such dicks?

Me and Jo end the night watching TV and exploring our new TV package… Turns out we won’t be missing Game of Thrones next year.. Awesome!

While Jo was at work on Monday I went out to do a little bit of Christmas shopping… I’m quite good at getting myself around Bangkok and managed to visit a couple of malls and so my shopping without getting lost… Yay me! I did see a strange variation on a common theme her in Bangkok tho while out shopping…. I’ve grown used to seeing older, out of shape European men walking hand in hand with younger, attractive Thai girls… Today I saw older, out of shape Japanese man walking hand in hand with younger, attractive European girl…. I wonder if younger men here are preyed upon by over sexed older European women?

I’ve been struggling with pain since we arrived in Bangkok. I initially put it down to sitting awkwardly on our flight over here but It’s not gotten better since we landed over a month ago…In fact I’m now struggling to walk. The only way I can explain the pain is that it feels like my right leg is constantly cramped.. I Know it’s Sciatica, I’ve struggled before but usually after a week of problems it eases.. Sadly it’s just not easing. Jo has noticed me limping and has finally convinced me to seek help… I have an appointment on Friday with someone who hopefully can help… With acupuncture… Let’s see if it helps shall we.

The cleaner arrived at 8:30 on Wednesday morning, I left her to her work and went out to walk round the shops….. I got back at 10:30 and she was still here cleaning… She eventually left at midday… Was our apartment really that dirty? The apartment is spotless now tho.. She really is good at her job.

Wednesday afternoon and our things finally arrived from England…. Minus the box of DVDs and Bluerays that got stolen while in England… We spent the night putting our things away and getting rid of cardboard boxes before settling down to a night of watching television.. In between answering odd phonecalls on my phone.. We think that Thailand recycle old phone numbers… So I have a lot of calls from an Asian man who speaks no English, who, even tho knows he’s not talking to who he wants to talk to.. Keeps talking… I hang up.. He calls again… I hang up…. He calls again… I block his number…. He calls me from someone else’s phone. I think he’s in love with my sexy Black Country accent.

So… Until next time………



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